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The Wellness Factor

Our Vision:

To impact lives, to reach ultimate levels of improvement to benefit the human wholeness approach to transforming wellness as a full cycle approach through all parts and stages of life.

Our Mission:

To provide evidence-based authentic methods for human progression coaching, wellness and well-being services for individuals, and organizations; that include health promotion, and sustainable living methods to transform lives to reduce and manage disease.

Global Trend

World Health Organization (WHO) Global Health Plan 2018-2030

World's Most Generous Countries Report 

World-at-Glance "Lets Be Active" (pdf)


Worlds_Most_Generous_Countries_Report_2018 (pdf)


Wellness-2030 (pdf)


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Health Promotion & Human Capital Well-being Services

Where would you like to begin? Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Workplace Wellness, transformative human capital services. A global community of health promotion initiatives for workplaces and institutions are here to support the continuous growth of this $4.2 trillion wellness industry. Here @wellanalyst we support you to teach and reach wellbeing. Get Global get certified as a globally healthy site: workplace, university and school and be part of transforming the human health value.

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