An in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing lives

An in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing lives

An in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing livesAn in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing livesAn in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing lives



Founder's Vision to Transforming our Human Capital

As an experienced compliancy project manager Ms. Karrim specializes in business process improvement, analysis, planning and evaluation; with experience in policy and program implementation in organizational programs. Her passion has always been about the effectiveness and impact on training/education and programs for transformation and performance. How to obtain efficiency in managing enterprise strategies, individual performance, culture, time, technology? When launching sustainable human capital programs. With experience in supporting corporate performance management and knowing that health+education are critical factors in human capital value management. These are key drivers to transforming wellness in workplaces, communities and educational institutions. She focuses on evidence-based reporting on human capital health parameters and on global health initiatives, to support health promotion and disease prevention/management in organizations. Adopting analytical methods in the assessment and implementation of "root-and-branch" - a quintessential approach to integrate alternative health/medicine practices in workplace wellness programs. 

"We are moving at a steady pace, to support a model that includes health and our individual educational capacity to improve and succeed as one unit, without one or the other, we decrease our individual human capital value, which in part affects our total economic footprint. Therefore, where we choose to work becomes a critical benchmark to determine our success as a whole life well-being and wellness approach" says Ms. Karrim. The WHO emphasizes our economic value on overall health and the capacity to maintain success with progression. As enterprises develop their wellness committee strategic plans they are selecting a competitive outlook in supporting the economic progression of an individuals human capital value within their family unit, community, society, and geographic footprint. 

The question is simply - How will your enterprise select candidates to stay, to progress and to impact growth in your business?

She designed wAv3 which is a performance data-driven wellness transformational model. Understanding that 2 prerequisites (waves) of organization+culture are in place before implementing wAv3 - a robust analytical human capital modelling design. Encompassing of an employee wellness project plan that is specifically designed to include a worksite wellness assessment, implementation plan with sub-transformational monitoring, and incentive plans. 


Performance Strategic Approach

The service includes a comprehensive analysis to help identify gaps and opportunities, using a framework to assess current business and cultural trends for wellness and human performance. 

Includes, a detailed cost & cross-cultural analysis, and monitoring and evaluation methods for incentive planning. These are some key indicators of the strategies within the wAv3 program. The expertise in the following assessment and review is obtained by working with a team of global leaders combining 30 years of Wellness assessment and planning plus 20 years of Organizational Change, Organizational Development subject matter experts.

*assessment of current workplace plan 

*change/ OD consultant review

That’s how we ensure your success.

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Why? A Purposeful Alliance

Business mentors are key—that’s why when it comes to client-partner, vendor selection; the use of a specific vendor criterion is important to determine partnering and consulting success. It makes sense that this approach will foster a robust lasting synergistic response for all parties involved. Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool. This process is designed to empower your team and outfit your leaders with the tools they need to succeed. Connect today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to a successful performance-driven culture. Together we can create and refine your wellness plan for empowering success. Preparing your organization for national and global workplace health-wellness-built environment accreditations and/or recognitions.

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