An in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing lives


To transform lives through human-science involved transformative wellness programs and sustainable building designs to support human progression, health promotion, including education for wellbeing, and conscious living practices for a neuro well-conscious environment, that balances global sustainable living practices.

Wellness & Wellbeing

🌿Guest Author @ Thrive Global

-Ms Karrim, writes on wellbeing, personal growth, self-love, conscious living, and neuro-wellness.

🌿Developing curricula for Educational Podcast on Podbean - Wellness, Meditation, Transformative Mindsets.

- The Wellness Analyst's Guide to Wellbeing

🌿Yoga + Meditation Practitioner & Teacher

- Certified Education Provider, curriculum designer.

Causes: Environmental Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Capital Value + Global Health, Youth Empowerment, Human Progression & Neuro Wellness