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"wAv3" Well-Culture™ Workplace eProgram Plan

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Well-Culture wAv3™ Analytics Model

Environmental Front End Analysis


A comprehensive organizational environmental assessment. Industry-specific health scorecard, historical data analysis, current survey, and data collection evaluating benchmarks. Includes reporting for Human Capital Performance and Wellbeing.

Reporting National & Global Industry Parameters


Detailed evidence-based reporting on industry comparatives delivered presentation and pdf. A wellness culture roadmap, strategic developments for short-term and long-term agile project monitoring and recording processes.  This framework is captured with tech-centric wellness and employee privacy in mind. Includes strategies for achieving success with inhouse employee wellness committee approved by employee body of delegates. 

Organizational Well-Culture Change Management Project Plan


A Concise lmplementation Program Management Plan. Wellness-Culture Change Roadmap. Wellness committee project plan includes health promotion, disease prevention, and management. Marketing and rewards for employee engagement. Data Analytics wellness vendors that are specifically based on your company's milestones, goals and objectives.