An in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing lives

An in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing lives

An in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing livesAn in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing livesAn in-depth Wellness Analytical Model to changing lives

2020 Integrating Complementary Medicine to Worksites

Energy Medicine Counselor (E.M.C)


Certified by International Association of Natural Medicine Counselors. This service will provide both education, evidence-based research, and population health program designs for particular interest groups in organizations. The future of medicine. 

Traditional Naturopathic Counselor with Ayurvedic Nutrition


Purely focusing on traditional, herbal, holistic, methods to live a life designed to improve vitality, manage and prevent disease, enhance emotional health and overall well-being. Also a certified counselor by the Naturopathic Association. Furthering the natural medicine practice and education to worksites. 

Our Well-Partners & Well-being Resources

Evidence-based Frequency Sound Compilations


Neuroacoustic Wizard

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson D.C. BFA

| Photographic retrospective compilation |

A physician, musician, teacher, artist, author, researcher, explorer, inventor, scientist, speaker, global leader and innovator, the Einstein of Sound™

Human Biofield Tuning - Recalibration of Electric Body


Biofield Tuning Institute

Certified by Eileen McKusick Founder of BTI

Science and Non-Duality Conference Speaker 

Revolutionary facts on healing episodes through Bio Mapping, diagnosing ailments and emotional blockages - repairing the electric body.

Essential Oils: Personal, Home & Pet care


The best products, shipped by Bulk Apothecary. 

Certified Holistic mixtures; herbal oils an cream bases.

"Most authentic sources of compounds in essential oils" - Certified Essential oil Coach (American Association of Drugless Physicians)

Larry Chapman | Chapman Institute

Global Worksite Wellness Accredited Training Institute

"Larry S. Chapman, MPH, currently serves as President and CEO of the Chapman Institute. The Institute provides the WellCert Certification Program, a national recognized certification program for Worksite Wellness practitioners and other tools for the corporate wellness field.  Larry has spent more than 40 years improving the health of employees and their family members and has developed more than 1,000 employee wellness programs. A past editor of a peer review journal and a journal section called The Art of Health Promotion, Larry is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on Worksite Wellness and Population Health Management."



Why is mobility important?

Visit our Blog for interesting facts

Do not get injured first to assess your body alignment. Wear and tear takes toll on the body. Ask Daniel, while he is currently developing curriculum for education and certification.

Inquire - individualized plans for your unique situations.

Owner, Daniel Baumstark MSPT, CHT


Alexis Duncan, CPA

Financial Wellness | Metaphysics Ethics Coach

CPA | Non-Profit Proposal, Grant & Financial Consultant. Financial Wellness, Ethics Curriculum Designer


Wellness Downloads

National & Global Wellness Data

Physical-Activity-Fact-Sheet (pdf)


Meditation scientific research (pdf)


Nutrition-Fact-Sheet (pdf)


Psychology on Weight-control-management (pdf)


Obesity-Fact-Sheet (pdf)


Thrive-The-Vegan-Nutrition-Guide-to-Optimal-Performance-in-Sports-and-Life (pdf)


Top-10-FoodsRAW (pdf)


Wellness Building_Why (pdf)


Human Capital Wellness